Leak Detection for Water Lines and Irrigation Systems

//Leak Detection for Water Lines and Irrigation Systems

Leak Detection for Water Lines and Irrigation Systems

Residential and irrigation system leaks that go untreated drain your budget (as you are charged for water and sewer treatment) can cause severe structural damage, increased repair costs, mold growth in crawl space & basements, health issues, and so much more. However, early leak detection can prevent service interruption, main breaks, unnecessary excavations, and flooding as well as reduce your property damage, legal liability, insurance, and contamination risks.

Residential Plumbing Leaks

You will probably notice an annoying, dripping tap but not all home leaks are so obvious. Leaks in your service line can slowly damage your yard or driveway, while basements and crawl spaces can become flooded and damaged by a leak in your plumbing lines. Leaks can also occur beneath the slab of your home and develop inside your walls and floors. Detecting the exact location of these leaks is not always easy. They may start at one location and then flow to another area before creating visible damage. A major red flag is an increased water bill when you haven’t been using more water. Other signs are excessive condensation or spots (wet, discolored, or hot) on your ceilings, floors, walls and woodwork; foundation cracks; the sound of water running when taps are turned off; and the appearance of mold and mildew.

Irrigation System Leaks

A well-functioning irrigation system is crucial for maintaining a great looking and healthy yard, golf course, or commercial green space. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to breaks and leaks from extreme weather conditions and lawn mowers. If you have a spray of water shooting out where or when it isn’t supposed to, or an unexpected sky-high water bill, then you know you have a problem. However, not all irrigation system leaks are so easy to detect. If parts of your lawn appear to be dry and dying or wet and soggy, it can be an indication that you have a leak somewhere in your system.

Trust Water Savers Plumbers

At Water Savers, our leak detection specialists always take the time to carefully and properly diagnose your residential and irrigation system leaks using cutting-edge technology and innovative methods. We utilize the latest in non-invasive leak detection technologies to locate and repair absolutely any type of leak on your property avoiding destruction in most instances. Our technicians are successful where others have failed by using the best tool for application. Our methods include electronic, acoustic, thermal and ground penetrating radar equipment. They receive comprehensive training and education to make them specialists at targeting leaks in absolutely any underground or hidden location. We are also the industry leaders for commercial leak detection and can handle any type of special project you may have. Call us today if you suspect you have a plumbing leak. Whatever water problem you have—we’ve seen it during 15 to 40 years’ experience AND repaired it before!

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