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Leak Detection

Commercial plumbing systems come with their own unique maintenance and repair challenges. For example, most office buildings are unoccupied overnight and on weekends. This means that the smallest leak can turn into a catastrophic situation before it is even noticed, causing extensive damage and resulting in serious financial setbacks (repairs, rebuilding costs, loss of revenue). To make matters worse, mold can begin growing in walls in just a matter of days.

Our technicians receive comprehensive training and education to make them specialists at targeting leaks in absolutely any underground or hidden location. From service lines, to slab leaks, to basements and crawl spaces, our highly-trained service professionals have years of experience detecting and repairing every type of leak. We utilize the latest in non-invasive leak detection technologies (electronic, acoustic, thermal, infrared, and ground penetrating radar to locate and repair absolutely any type of leak on your property without destruction. We are the industry leaders for commercial leak detection. Whatever water problem you have—we’ve seen it AND repaired it before!

Early leak detection can prevent main breaks, unnecessary excavations, and flooding as well as reduce your property damage, legal liability, insurance, and contamination risks. We can also outfit your property with leak detection sensors and monitoring with alarm connection capabilities to prevent future problems. Timing is everything in leak detection, so don’t delay! Leak detection techniques:

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