Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing Today Before Cold Weather Arrives

//Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing Today Before Cold Weather Arrives

Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing Today Before Cold Weather Arrives

Autumn weather offers a cool reprieve from scorching summer temperatures. The comfortable fall conditions are also perfect for preparing your home’s plumbing system for upcoming rough winter weather. For example, in calm weather dripping faucets and leaky pipes may be simple annoyances, but once the temperatures drop into the 30s you can be facing serious plumbing problems. A little preventative maintenance now can save you from costly plumbing damages in just a few short months.

Protect Your Pipes

Insulating your indoor and outdoor pipes can help prevent heat from escaping and stagnant water from freezing. Burst frozen pipes can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and property, so be sure to keep your pipes warm with insulation. Pay attention to vulnerable pipes located around the outside perimeter of your home.

Maintain Your Water Heater

Inspect your hot water heater for deterioration warning signs (rust, scale, puddles of water), check the temperature pressure relief valve, and drain the existing sediment in the bottom of the tank. If you haven’t flushed your water heater out yet this year, do so now so you don’t accidentally find yourself stepping into an icy shower on a cold winter morning.

Disconnect the Garden Hose

Disconnect all garden hoses from your home’s exterior, drain them ofwater, and safely store them for the winter. Leaving the hoses hooked to the outdoor faucet can result in damage to the pipes and the hose when the water inside freezes.

Clear Your Gutters and Downspouts

As fall leaves begin to scatter they can find their way into your gutters and downspouts. If these pipes become clogged, they can cause damage to your roof and foundation. A simple seasonal cleaning can keep rain and melted snow flowing freely through your system.

At Water Savers We Want to Help Our Customers Prevent Plumbing Problems

Don’t wait until cold weather to think about your plumbing! Performing a bit of plumbing maintenance now is more affordable (and less stressful) than fixing a plumbing disaster when cold weather hits. If you’re unsure how to insulate your home’spipes, how to check your water heater, or perform any other plumbing maintenance yourself, call the experts at Water Savers. As a family-owned and operated company serving Northern Georgia, Water Savers, LLC is dedicated to providing the absolute best service. Since 2006, we have been building a reputation for customer satisfaction and quality work. By always demanding quality, working above the industry standard, and using the materials that the job requires, we are able to help minimize the chances of an emergency. Call the Water Savers plumbing experts at 678-733-9803 for immediate service or complete our contact form and we will contact you right away.

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