Storm Drains:  Cleaning,Preventive Maintenance, and Inspections

//Storm Drains:  Cleaning,Preventive Maintenance, and Inspections

Storm Drains:  Cleaning,Preventive Maintenance, and Inspections

Storm drains prevent rain water from accumulating on flat surfaces by safely channelling it into the city’s drainage systems.Unfortunately, they can routinely become clogged with mud, sticks, garbage, and various other forms of debris when these objects find their way through the storm drain’s protective grates. These blockages can cause streets to flood, which can lead to major water and proper damages in a short amount of time.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm drain systems need to be cleaned quite frequently, especially during periods with high rain fall. Our efficient, accurate, and non-destructivehydrojet cleaning method safely unclogs grease, sludge, sediment,mineral deposits, debris buildup, and tree roots in storm drains by injecting highly pressurized water into the area with jet rod hoses. The pressurized water propels specialized nozzles through the line, breaking up the sand, trash, and debris and pushing it back toward the vacuum hose or tube. The mixture is then extracted by a powerful vacuum and deposited into one of our trucks’enclosed debris tanksThe end result is a storm drain system that is free of buildup and pipe walls that are thoroughly cleaned, making them less likely to be blocked in the future. At Water Savers, we have extensive experience with cleaning storm drains—from regular cleanings to severe blockages, we are here to help!

Storm Drain Maintenance

Periodically cleaning your storm drains can significantly reduce your probability of backups, clogs, and flooding. Most businesses should be fine with having their pipes jetted a couple of times a year, but restaurants and other food-service establishments should have their pipes jetted quarterly or even monthly.

Storm Drain Inspections

Storm drains should also be regularly inspected to ensure they are working properly and that they are compliant with local, state, and national laws. At Water Savers, we are the storm drain inspection experts! Our top of the line technology paired with our extensively trained staff combine to give you the most thorough inspections and best service in the business!

Trust Waters Savers, LLC

Contact us today if you need an expert team to clean, maintain, or inspect your storm drains to ensure theyare operating as efficiently as possible. With expert assistance from Water Savers skilled team of plumbers, you can be confident knowing your property will be fully protected against flooding and other water damage. Dont wait for the next rainy day—contact us today to get started!

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