Water Heaters and Boilers: Flushing and Maintenance

//Water Heaters and Boilers: Flushing and Maintenance

Water Heaters and Boilers: Flushing and Maintenance

There are several mechanical systems in your home or commercial buildings that benefit from regular professional attention. Most modern homes are equipped with water heaters; while apartment buildings, swimming pools, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other commercial properties are usually outfitted with boilers.


To keep your water heaters and/or boilers working efficiently (producing plenty of hot water at the lowest possible cost) you will want to have them flushed to clear out any sediment and minerals that could impede their performance. When sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank, the heater/boiler has to work harder, requiring more time and energy to heat the same amount of water. Without flushing, the sediment can build up in your tank, damage or clog plumbing fixtures, leading to serious problems like lost water pressure, cracked or burst pipes, and total tank failure. The type of system you have and the quality of water used in your home or commercial building will determine the frequency for flushing your water heater/boiler, but it should usually be done at least once per year. If you hear banging or knocking noises coming from your water heater/boiler, it is likely that you need to have it flushed. Our plumbing professionals are very familiar with the problems associated with sediment and mineral build-up, and how to flush every type of water heater or boiler.


Maintenance is best left to the professionals when working with equipment that produces flame, high temperatures, and deadly carbon monoxide gas. Prevent costly repairs or even full system replacement with proper preventative maintenance. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to have your water heater or boiler flushed or tuned up. Regular water heater and boiler maintenance will increase your system’s efficiency, decrease the likelihood of costly breakdowns, and eliminate any surprises.

Trust Your Water Heaters and Boilers to the Best—Water Savers!

As a family owned and operated company serving Greater Metro Atlanta, Water Savers, LLC is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service and quality work. The value of preventative maintenance is vast, and we work to encourage it with every residential and commercial plumbing job we take. By always demanding quality, working above the industry standard, and using the materials that the job requires, we are able to help minimize the chances of an emergency. Let us help you stop problems before they start. Prioritize your water heater and boiler maintenance, contact us today.





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